The Krosssstitch Project

Krossstitch comes with a promise of homegrown fabric, conservation of resources, and sustainable business model in the booming e-Commerce industry. With an aim to support our government’s encouraging initiatives and vision, our venture especially draws from Make-in-India, Skill India, and Startup India programs.

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In order to give you the best and the trendiest of the clothing, we have been working for the past two years with our designers to develop fresh design samples.

Fabric and Accessories: 

Krossstitch procures its pure cotton fabric from finest textile manufacturers of India. We do not compromise on quality by using low quality inexpensive fabric. Our zipper is original YKK; superior quality buttons are procured from small and medium enterprises located around us and the packaging material is environment friendly.

Handcrafted Limited Production: 

Our innovative and unique production process aims to eliminate waste by combining labor with technology in an efficacious way. We have redefined the traditional way of assembly line production by blending man with machine, as a result of which, we get quality clothing.


Krossstitch factory images

We have invested in skilled local people to run our day to day operations. In addition to this, we regularly hire new people from nearby villages to up-skill them by training them in cutting, sewing and quality checking. We are constantly upgrading skills of workers by running regular training programs.The aim is to fulfill the gap in the ecosystem and to expand the base of industry-ready skilled people. 


krossstitch factory shoots

The dream of dressing our nation in style that is affordable and unique, we came together to start this venture of ours. As a Startup India initiative, we are pioneering into an innovative way of production that merges the finesse of man with precision of machines. Also, our direct-to-customer business model eliminates distributors, wholesalers and retailers and ensures that the handcrafted piece of clothing reaches you directly from the warehouse through our online distribution channel which not only includes our own eCommerce website "" but also all the major marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Voonik. This is done at a fraction of cost which makes it a style that is affordable and value for money.