About us


KROSSSTITCH is the seamless incorporation of quality, durability and sleek designing –denim which is as good for your conscience as it is for your body. Born to two old friends, the concept draws upon the endless grit of the Indian people along with the understanding of the fragility of nature. Driven by a dream of donning the youth coupled with social responsibility toward mother earth, the two friends aspire to create denims in an eco-friendly manner that pledges water efficiency. The loyalty of old friendship, a farmer’s respect of the earth and the aesthetics of a designer, all boil down  to a perfect denim.


Rakesh, the co-founder of KROSSSTITCH, was born in Delhi. He moved to Australia to study textile manufacturing. After finishing his course, he worked in the textile industry, furniture manufacturing and cattle station. Wherever he worked, only rough and tough denim was the work wear. With knowledge of different fabric and passion for denim he moved back to India and partnered with his school time mate to open KROSSSTITCH.


Tejvir holds an instrumental place in the creation of KROSSSTITCH. He pursued designing in the form of architecture, where he worked on major projects, slowly coming to the realization that his art belonged not just in building and arches, but also the human body. A denim devotee and a classy dapper himself, Tejvir decided to design high class yet affordable denims so as to give a fashionable edge to all.


KROSSSTITCH endeavors to make you feel comfortable and confident with every pair you pull on. The endorphin associated with finding that perfect pair of jeans that looks great and fits like a glove are what keep us going. With superior quality fabric to let your skin sit in comfort, cotton twill lining for durability and meticulous attention to details, KROSSSTITCH is the last pair of jeans you'll ever want.

Incorporating high end designing and quality with affordability is what lies in the core of our functions here at KROSSSTITCH.

KROSSSTITCH is committed to give you the most comfortable fit, a high class fabric feel, and a never-can-go-wrong stitch. And do you see those strong riveted buttons in every jeans? Well with those buttons, we button our assurance of quality to you.


We aren't in the business of mechanically manufacturing jeans. We've invested in actively humanizing the entire process. Our workshops aren't rows of assembly lines churning out thousands of jeans. KROSSSTITCH believes in creating small, controlled batches to ensure thorough quality checks. Rest assured, your pair of jeans has been carefully inspected before you receive it.

These are jeans designed by a dream, stitched with passion, ironed by a promise and shipped by value.